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New York TimesThe vast reservoir of information is why Matthew Lesko is a success. Grant Search and Grant PAC had purchased Lesko's customer lists from the list broker Nextmark, according to Nextmark's Web site.

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Weve already paid for the money with our federal tax dollars, but the government doesnt advertise these government free money programs so most people are in the dark. Lesko was parodied in an advertisement for the album Danger Doom. Two of Matthew Leskos books have become New York Times Bestsellers.

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Many feel that Lesko deliberately misleads those who buy his book. For example, often grants that are referred to in Lesko's books are actually public assistance programs for which many people are not eligible.

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View 100 more, this item has been hidden 15:35, view 100 more, this item has been hidden, interviews of people like you who figured out how to use Crowdfunding on the internet to get funding for their product, business or idea. Its easy to get state grants and help with Matthew Leskos Government Money Club. Life and career edit, lesko grew up in, wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Government grants, business grants, free Government money, womens grants, Grants for Education, small business grants, state grants, Personal Grant Money, work at home opportunities and more. .

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They made their first million using government money giveaway programs. Comedian Andy Dick parodied Lesko on his short-lived MTV sketch comedy program The Andy Dick Show. Matthew Lesko has spent over 25 years helping people take advantage of government money programs.

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Lesko received his undergraduate degree from, marquette University in Milwaukee, then went to Vietnam as a navigator for the. The truth is Lesko is looking for free money to pay his bills. Many are government programs that you already know about and are not eligible for, like Medicare and Medicaid. Matthew Lesko has been training people for the past 25 years on how to live and succeed in the Age of Information. 100,000, in Cool government money For Paul Benfields Company, Tibbetts Boat Works, Gave Him The Lifestyle He Always Wanted!