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However, some common conditions will be: Investor should be Indian national. It is a fixed deposit scheme we are talking about.

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Minimum investment required, allahabad Bank, double Deposit Plan, fixed deposit Plus Recurring Deposit. 5,000, oriental Bank of Commerce, oriental Double Deposit Scheme. Actually there is such an investment instrument with exactly that promise. Which banks offer this scheme? Tipping, a service fee is often added to your bill at restaurants and hotels, in which case tipping is optional.

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This feature is not available in case of Fixed Deposit Money Double Scheme. The table below gives the highlights of the products these banks offer. Example: If you invest, say. They are genuine and every bank and many non-banking financial companies offer fixed deposit scheme and operate under government regulations. Who are eligible to open Fixed Deposit Money Double Scheme accounts?

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If you want to know more about this scheme (and we are sure that you want to know continue reading this article and earn some enlightenment. Some banks do offer auto-renewal once the term is over. Fixed Deposit Money Double Scheme, you earn, say rupees 30,000 a month. Premature withdrawals : Some banks may offer premature withdrawal facility. Its not mandatory to tip taxi or rickshaw drivers, but its good to tip drivers who are honest about the fare.

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20,000, by the time the account matures and you withdraw the funds, you will actually be withdrawing. This will ensure that the investment made in these accounts do not become liability in future. After maturity of your fix deposit in Kissan Vikas Patra the process of withdrawal your amount is simple. Problem is, you are very likely still in your dreams and that. Different banks will have different eligibility conditions.