OB1, the company behind, openBazaar, secures 200k in new funding

Bitcoin-based Marketplace OpenBazaar Raises 3 Million in New Funding. With ICOs and sales of tokens attracting a lot of attention and investment it is easy to forget that this is a relatively recent phenomenon. For now, the Litecoin implementation is still in the exploration phase and actual testing has yet to begin. Tor Integrated by OpenBazaar Increassing Anonymity for Bitcoin Marketplace.

Bitmain and omers Ventures Invest 5 Million

But if they choose to enforce strict regulations, the costs of regulatory compliance could quickly become unbearable, especially if it requires a change in technology itself in order to be fully compliant. Share your thoughts in the comments section. Anyone in the world can sell any legal item or service in exchange for Bitcoin. For now, supporting BCH makes a lot of sense. A coin with optional privacy and some questionable development decisions is an interesting addition, for sure.

Bitcoin Cash and ZCash Are Coming

However, Bitcoin is not a perfect currency whatsoever. An interesting choice, to say the very least. At the same time, it is still up to individual sellers to enable these altcoin payments as well. Built on the bitcoin blockchain, OpenBazaar enables both buyers and sellers to transact using bitcoin.

OpenBazaar, may Integrate Bitcoin Cash and ZCash Soon - NewsBTC

The recent ICOs made headlines for raising tens of millions of dollars in hours or even minutes. With the addition of OpenBazaar support, a lot of new opportunities will be unlocked. The startups investors consist of some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry. This can work for a few tokens, but compliance is at the price of exclusivity. Despite no launch date being given Binance Coin (BNB) was up 25 on the news.

OpenBazaar, preparing for Major Overhaul - Crypto Daily

It is unclear how all of this will play out in the long run, though. It is possible that an OpenBazaar token will be issued one day, but this will only happen if the following conditions are met: A new token is required to provide OpenBazaar users with functionality that can not be assured on Bitcoin or any existing token;. Its price has also soared to a new all-time high not that long ago.

Market Crashes, Binance Pivots and

Conditions to the emissions of ICO token. One has to acknowledge, bitcoin Cash is slowly making a big name for itself. Slow transactions, network congestion, and high fees are just some of the issues.  If you think that an OpenBazaar token would (or would not) be a good idea, do not hesitate to comment your views below.