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On its final settlement date. In that event, OCC would coordinate with CFE and CFE would coordinate with Gemini regarding the final settlement price. Among others, one type of situation in which the Trade Desk may determine to modify or eliminate Price Limit parameters in this Rule 1302(i i) is during the last 15 minutes of trading on a Business Day. The minimum price increment for a Block Trade in the XBT futures contract.005 points USD/XBT.

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Block Trades: Block Trades are permitted in XBT futures. For avoidance of doubt, this authority includes, but is not limited to, modifying or eliminating the Price Limit parameters in this Rule 1302(i i) at any time.

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The form of bitcoin on which the XBT futures and their final settlement values will be based is the form of bitcoin.S. (H) In calculating a Price Limit, the calculation will be rounded to the nearest minimum increment in the XBT futures Contract, with the midpoint between two consecutive increments rounded. (I) Notwithstanding any provisions of this Rule 1302(i i the Trade Desk may, in its absolute and sole discretion, take any action it determines necessary to protect market integrity. (C) The following describes the process for the adjustment of Price Limit levels during the time frames in which Price Limits are in effect on a Business Day: (1) If during Trading Hours outside of an opening process the best bid for a single leg XBT futures.

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Any ecrp transaction must satisfy the requirements of CFE Rule 414. Price Limits: (i) XBT futures contracts are subject to price limits during regular and extended trading hours pursuant to CFE Rule 1302(i).

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Using the following day Gemini Exchange Auction price as the final settlement value. Contract Unit 5 bitcoin, as defined by the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR). (E) Price Limits will also apply to XBT Spread Orders in that each leg of an XBT Spread Order will be subject to the applicable Upper Price Limit and Lower Price Limit for that individual leg and may not be executed at a price that. The minimum price increment for an ecrp transaction involving the XBT futures contract.005 points USD/XBT. Eastern time on the final settlement date.

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(3)  Upon the triggering of a Stop Limit Order, the CFE System will cancel the Stop Limit Order back to the sender if it is a Stop Limit Order to buy that is triggered to a limit price which is above the Upper Price Limit. No-Bust Range: The CFE error trade policy may only be invoked for a trade price that is greater than 5 on either side of the market price of the applicable XBT futures contract. Introducing 24 hour trading, 5 days a week with TD Ameritrade. (G) The XBT Reference Price for a single leg XBT futures Contract shall be determined in the following manner when it is initially listed for trading: (1) The XBT Reference Price that will be utilized for a single leg XBT futures Contract when it is initially listed.

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Dollars traded on the Gemini Exchange in determining whether or not to halt trading in XBT futures under Rule 418(a x). Trading Hours, cME Globex and CME ClearPort: 5:00.m.