ADA, guide for Small Business: Sales and Service Counters

The method of communication shall be accessible to both individuals who use wheelchairs and individuals who have difficulty bending or stooping. This is a brief overview of the sections that should be reviewed when designing accessible counters.

ADA Compliant Front Desk Design

It is also connected to the accessible route which connects to the accessible entrance and other areas in the business where merchandise or services are provided. Photo - view of an accessible counter with a cash register.

Customer service counter design, guidelines

Business, mercantile AND civic. This counter is to be no lower than 28 inches and no more than 36 inches maximum above the floor. Please note that 34 inches is a little low for most users, as your typical kitchen counter is 36 inches high. At counters having a cash register, a section of counter at least 36 inches long and not more than 36 inches above the floor will make the counter accessible. The tops of tray slides shall be 28 inches (710 mm) minimum and 34 inches (865 mm) maximum above the finish floor or ground.

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(4) * Assistive Listening Systems. (1) Hospitals - general purpose hospitals, psychiatric facilities, detoxification facilities - At least 10 percent of patient bedrooms and toilets, and all public use and common use areas are required to be designed and constructed to be accessible. 10.5 Boat and Ferry Docks. In addition to the requirements of section 4, medical care facilities and buildings shall comply with. The number of accessible aisles that is needed depends on the total number of checkout aisles provided.

What is the recommended height for a reception desk?

904 Check-Out Aisles and Sales and Service Counters 904.1 General. . (19) Where provided, baggage check-in and retrieval systems shall be on an accessible route complying with.3, and shall have space immediately adjacent complying with.2. 8.4 Card Catalogs and Magazine Displays. Photo - staff serving items on a lowered counter.