How do I merge my 2 facebook accounts to one?

 Keep in mind Facebook will only allow two business pages to merge if they have similar names and are essentially the same type of business. Unfortunately, it is not possible export your Facebook friends to a third party account and then re-import them to a new Facebook account.

Facebook, won t Let You, merge, accounts?

You lost admin rights to your Facebook Page, set up a new page and then retrieved admin rights to the old page. Facebook makes it particularly hard for users to guard their personal data.

Here Is How

Explore more about: Data Backup, Facebook. Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind as you attempt to merge two Facebook Pages into one: In order to merge two pages, you need to have full admin rights to both Facebook pages. Unfortunately, you wont be able to migrate or re-create all of your data.

Can I merge two of my Facebook accounts into one?

They cannot move followers or the people you are following from one account to another, so sadly, it is a matter of closing down unused accounts on Twitter and/or rebranding them. Once you have taken care of admin roles, have downloaded all your data, and are sure you want to completely remove your account, log into the Facebook account you want to close, and visit the Delete My Account page to kick off the process. My Facebook account was locked due some explicit content (somebody hacked my account). So you turned your first business profile into a Page, resulting in your now having two Pages. It can dilute your brand's power on social media sites.

How can I merge two, facebook accounts into one?

Now you had two profiles (and one Page) which is against Facebook Terms of Services. Many people in this situation end up creating duplicate content for both sites and then miss messages left for them on one or both.