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How to Morph Substances, edit, at level 10, the ability to use the Morph Substances craft is gained. ElyosDaily Banishing the Shadowborn, Asmodian Daily Snuff the Sunsuckers. The names of quests on the Quest List are now colored properly according to the character's level. One from a pet-related quest. Its also possible for a double critical success to occur, in which case the resultant item would have a Pure or Dazzling prefix.

Gold Game Guide Aion Online

Sleeping targets who are near to the debuff are now changed into the appropriate spirits. Decreased the cooldown time of the Gladiator skill 'Second Wind I' from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. Because of its close connection to the Reian Tribe, tribe members may provide very important information about the dungeon, so pay close attention to the Reians' conversation. Added info to the Elyos quests that involve winning Veille's Favor, making it clear that you must defeat Mastarius to complete the quest. Adamantium, Platinum Garnet Farming in The Upper Abyss.

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General attack and defense will consume a small amount. Three things are required to increase the legion's level: Kinah, legion members, and contribution points.

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to "Pomponia's Scale Shield because it is given by Pomponia. Elyos "Materials for 100 Slot Cube Quest". Fixed a duplicate system message when using the Ranger skill 'Seizure Arrow.' The correct MP restoration system message is now displayed, rather than the incorrect HP healing message.

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As well, it allows the break down of higher quality fluxes into 3 of a lesser quality using Morph Catalysts that can be purchased in the crafting area of each capitol city. Some character animations have been changed or added. Changed the Recruit Alliance window (accessed either from links in the chat window, or from the Find Group window) to display more information.

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Elyos Rebbana and Margela in the Galleria of Grandeur sell Cinna's Leather Chic and Portia's Formalwear. These petals can then be used to dye armor in unique colors. Functional NPCs now show up on the radar and the map. The default setting for the pet camera function is ON, but it can be switched OFF through Options - Game Options.

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Elyos Farming Guides Soon Farming Guides for Both Factions, balaur in Lower Abyss, balaur in Upper Abyss (33). 25 35. Added an option to show only usable chain skills on the quickbar.