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Click 'Accounts' from the top menu, then find your Ethereum wallet listed on the left. Click here to jump straight to the EMV/ETH exchange market on Idex. Note: the exchange used in this guide, Idex, currently has a minimum trade amount.05 Ethereum (you can use this calculator to see how much that is in your own currency).

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Make sure 'Keystore file' is selected, then press the 'Select wallet file' button. Paste this wallet address somewhere safe as we'll need it soon.

How to buy Ethereum Movie Venture (EMV) - a step by step guide

OK or, read More. Follow the instructions until it confirms the Ethereum are sent. In the box labelled 'Enter the recipient's address below' paste the Ethereum wallet address we just copied from Idex. 11 17 1 We'll use the site Idex to exchange your Ethereum for Ethereum Movie Venture.

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Once you're satisfied it is correct, press 'confirm'. And that's a hardware wallet.

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Features trade on exchanges, the Ethereum Movie Venture token is tradable on exchanges. Once you do press 'Got. The Trezor is just as easy to use, small and also featuring two buttons, with a lot of information packed into its small LCD screen.

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In amount, type how much Ethereum you wish to send (there is a 'use max' option if you wish to send it all). We make no claim for real world accuracy.