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This should be your final configuration: Now let's try logging in, with and without the security key: Open an incognito window in Chrome (make sure there are no other incognito windows open and try logging in to your Gmail. You may need to log in to your Google account to access the security settings. It will walk you through the steps of effectively protecting your Gmail account with a security key, without explaining in detail the reasons for each step.

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Each Google Account needs a different secret key. You should now be logged in to your Gmail. If you set up 2-Step Verification, you can use the Google Authenticator app to receive codes even if you dont have an Internet connection or mobile service. This is just like the log-in process when using two-step verification.

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When you enable 2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication you add an extra layer of security to your account. Under "Signing in to Google tap 2-Step Verification. The steps outlined below are designed to put your account in the most secure configuration. It relies on a free application called the Yubico Authenticator (that works on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems) to generate time-based authentication codes.

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Im not 100 sure who their target audience is, but perhaps non-technical people who arent that comfortable using smartphones and apps will find this appealing. You'll still be covered, because when you or anyone else tries to sign in to your account from another computer, 2-Step Verification will be required. Either way, if it can make more people using two-factor authentication, it is a good thing. For anyone who wants to get set up with a Security Key, a fido-accredited stick can be found here.

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From then on, that computer will only ask for your password when you sign. Step 5: Finally, enter the authentication code that appears on the screen to verify the device. Most web services that offer two-step verification give you the option to receive a text message or use a special app that provides the six-digit code you need to log in to your account.