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Consequently, today's price/value relationship is both much different from what it was a year ago and, as Charlie and I see it, more appropriate. Its investment bankers understood perfectly what we were trying to achieve and tailored every aspect of the offering to meet these objectives.

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This, of course, means that in 1996 Berkshire's stock underperformed the business. 4.3 38 The Washington Post Company.

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We chatted for quite awhile and he asked for writing samples. Rod's three- year combined ratio is an amazing.2.

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Thereafter, you need only monitor whether these qualities are being preserved. Ajit, I can assure you, won't make mistakes of this type. In the case of the 1996 transactions at Salomon Brothers, we more than got our money's worth.

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The following table sets forth our 1996 look-through earnings, though I warn you that the figures can be no more than approximate, since they are based on a number of judgment calls. Were a truly cataclysmic disaster to occur, it is not impossible that a financial panic would quickly follow.

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For example, if you wish to brush up on "intrinsic value see pages 64 and. Though some industries or lines of business exhibit characteristics that endow leaders with virtually insurmountable advantages, and that tend to establish Survival of the Fattest as almost a natural law, most do not.