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Proof of Authority (PoA) A private key that gives the holder the right to create the blocks in a private blockchain. Some TVs (like 2016 LG oleds) don't support 4K/UHD Dolby Vision at 60Hz/50Hz, so 30Hz or 24Hz would be used (or 25Hz for PAL TVs).

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This functionality is the defining feature of the Ethereum blockchain. This is called Halving. The idea being, there is so much money coming in, they are going to go buy an exotic car.

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Cold Storage Another term used for a Paper Wallet (see below). On top of our everyday low prices, we offer complimentary Scratch-Resistant Coating on all lenses.

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Utxo Acronym for "Unspent Transaction Output" Volatility The fluctuation in an assets prices is measured by its Volatility. (There's also a free hdmi Premium Cable Authentication iOS App to verify the code on the box label.) I've seen them work reliabily with a 4K HDR10 60P movie, although DV on 4K discs are typically 24P. Transaction Fee Usually very small fees given to the miners involved in successfully approving a transaction on the blockchain. All the other coins are grouped together under the category of Altcoins. Airdrop, this is a marketing campaign that refers to the expedited distribution of a cryptocurrency through a population of people.

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Distributed Ledger A ledger that is stored in multiple locations so that any entries can be accessed and checked by multiple parties. The blockchain is repeatedly copied and saved onto thousands of computers all around the world, and must always match each other. Consortium blockchain A privately owned and operated, yet publicly transparent, blockchain. Activity Monitor Tips, how to use Activity Monitor on your MacUsing Activity Monitor to read System Memory and determine how much RAM is being used (OS.8 earlier)If kernel_task is using a large percentage of your Mac CPU. Sell Wall When a large Limit Order has been placed to sell when a cryptocurrency reaches a certain value, that is a Sell Wall.

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All Time High, the highest price ever achieved by a cryptocurrency. How to Automate and remotely access your HomeKit accessories Info for Hardware and Software developers at m/homekit. Arbitrage, there are multiple exchanges at any given time trading in the same cryptocurrency, and they can do so at different rates. Mac computers that support Metalin Ol Capitan and later. You should also verify the nature of any product or service (including its legal status and relevant regulatory requirements) and consult the relevant Regulators' websites before making any decision.

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This not only gives you an overview of the terms used day-to-day in the cryptocurrency world but goes deeper to explain their importance and where they fit into the conversation. Because you can put a Limit Order on your buy or sell transaction, the Depth Chart shows the crossover point at which the market is most likely to accept a transaction in a timely fashion.