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In the future, you'll just get another 2FA code if you have to sign in again using a different device. Click Verify and you're done. It's where you go to check how many current sessions are logged in and devices are using the account, to change the password, and, of course, turn on two-step verification. Get one on m via the Password tab in Settings; just click Generate.

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You can also put in a mobile number below for receiving a code via SMS textyou'll need that if you switch phones and don't have access to the authenticator app. Apple also supports app-specific passwords. Virtual Not a physical object, but an electronic identifier that gets written to a special chip on your computer, which in essence builds the smart card into your computer. In such cases you must rely on app passwords a password you generate on the main website to use with a specific app (such as Xbox Live).

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Passpack, supported: Email Hardware, roboForm m roboForm, supported: SMS Email Software. Log in, click the Profile menu at the upper right, and access My Profile. 10 LinkedIn Two-Step Verification The social network LinkedIn uses text messages to receive authentication codes.

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You may need them in the future if you forget a password or lose/erase your phone with the authenticator app. You'll get the usual QR code to scan with your app on the smartphone. When you enter a password to access your Google account for almost any service, if 2-Step Verification is on, there are multiple options to get that second step. The Two-Step Authentication is right there in a box, with a Set Up button. Log on to your organization's network.

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You must sign up for 2-Step Verification before you can use. Open it up, tap the ghost icon/your avatar at the top, and you're in the account screen. Re-enter a password, give them your mobile phone number, and tap "send code." Enter the six-digit code you get via SMS text and you're set. I use mine for m, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Skype, an Office 365 subscription, and more.