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Capital One does not offer a free fico score, but it does have its own. Theres no transfer fee.

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Unless you carry a balance, of course. Rest easy, I got your back.

An Expert Guide to Credit

Lets get to the good stuff. Okay, enough chit chat. And darnedest is actually in the dictionary. If any of you have used the tools that come with the Credit Tracker, Id love to hear what you think about. My monthly income (my disclosed total annual income divided by 12) doesnt exceed my monthly rent/mortgage payment by at least 425.

Hardship Payment Plans for Credit Card

Or, Capital One otherwise determines that I am unable to make my monthly payments. I know thats often a concern for those of you choosing a secured card. Capital One Secured MasterCard. We take the security of our members' information very seriously, so we've recently enhanced the protection on our website. Ive started hearing from folks who have graduated from the Cap One secured card to an unsecured Cap One Platinum card.

Capital One Secured MasterCard, review - Beverly Harzog

Related:  Applied Bank Secured Credit Cards No Longer Offered. Example: Your monthly income is 4,000 and your mortgage/rent is 1,800. Its all good and Ill explain it in the Rates Fees section below.

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APR for purchases: You get a variable rate.99 percent. It has a credit simulator, alerts, and a grade overview. So you can rest easy on that score. Interest on a cash advance starts ticking right away, so if youre desperate for cash, explore all other options first.