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In the future, interactive mode may auto-determine the batch size to hit a desired target frame rate exactly. Coins based on Scrypt-Jane algorithm are settings-specific, therefore we currently only support mining the very popular LEOcoin crypto-currency using the Scrypt-Jane algorithm with settings for LEOcoin. On platforms where this is not needed,.g. Noob question but what is the utility of the -b option and what is mean? This is done by the cpu singlethreaded atm.

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Quick instructions for cgminer (you'll have to tune -thread-concurrency, -worksize, -intensity, -lookup-gap, -g for your GPU cgminer -scrypt-jane -o stratumtcp:m:3348 -u your-BTC-address -p x -thread-concurrency 32768 -worksize 256 -intensity 4 -lookup-gap 3 -g 2 -sj-nfmin 4 -sj-nfmax 30 -sj-time. Sign up log in, posted by, after googling Scrypt Jane I read it also changes the required memory over time, so I'm wondering why exactly Scrypt-N is better. In order to sell hashing power for the ScryptJaneLeo algorithm you have to use patched cgminer for AMD GPUs, or standard ccminer for nvidia GPUs: Please note that cgminer does not support other popular algorithms such as X11, Quark, etc. Additionally, this means Salsa6420/8 is doing half the rounds/byte of default scrypt, but has 64 bit word mixing vs 32 bit, and thus does somewhat less overall mixing. But only at the moment.

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N is currently 32768 for Yacoin. For cards with lots spare GPU cores (say, a GTX 780 or better) we can cut memory requirements in half and increase compute requirements instead (lookup_GAP). Salsa6420/8 is a 'proof of concept' 64-bit version of Salsa20/8 with a 128 byte block, and rotation constants chosen to allow 32-bit word shuffles instead of rotations for two of the rotations which put it on par with ChaCha in terms of SSE implementation shortcuts. H" scrypt(password, password_len, salt, salt_len, Nfactor, pfactor, rfactor, out, want_bytes scrypt parameters Nfactor: Increases CPU Memory Hardness rfactor: Increases Memory Hardness pfactor: Increases CPU Hardness In scrypt terms N (1 (Nfactor 1 which controls how many times to mix each chunk, and how many temporary. Below you can find a list of the more common crypto algorithms with some example coins that use them along with a link to windows binary for a miner for the respective algorithm.

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For (i0; i 4096; i) do a lot of work and memory access / run 8 times. To begin, visit the profiles page by clicking the button below. The usual case for most GPU models will be that the performance degrades by more than half, because the occupancy of the cuda cores goes down (too many cores for fewer hashes to be computed simultaneously given the given available memory).

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Sort by best best top new controversial old q a, community Details.4k, vertopians online, vTC Vertcoin is an asic resistant alternative to Bitcoin and Litecoin. Don't go higher, the card doesn't have enough compute reserves.