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Gallo Ghibli Mehara Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Reference Galloway Galt Technology Galtware Waterfalls Galvani Bioelectrics Galvanic Pip Gamage AW Gamage Polaris Mediwaver Polaris Miniwaver Gamatronic Electronic Industries Compact Gamatronic UK gems Gamble-Skogmo Gambrell Brothers Baby Grand Game Maker Game Tivola GameDay Xtra GameFront Gameloft Gameover Zeus. Dslam to the customer's premises. Chile edit Telefonica del sur Offers up to 20 Mbit/s, video on demand, digital television and other products using adsl2 (G.992.5 Annex A). Lover Spy Perfect Perfect Money Perfect Sound Perfecta Perfectadyne Hilva PerfectData Perfectionist Audio Components Idos PAC Perfekt Performance Performance Power Pericaud Ecran Secteur Isodyne Isodyne Rpublic Labor Radio Secteur Reflex Reseaudyne Simplex Simplex Bobine d'Accord Soleil Super Isodyne Trisodyne Trisodyne Ecran Trisodyne Edran Secteur Valise.

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Ware MegaWorks MixMeister Mixman Studio Modem Blaster Movie Blaster Modem Blaster Flash56 MuVo nomad Nomad Jukebox Nomad Jukebox Zen Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra Nomad MuVo Nomad Muvo MP3 Player Phone Blaster Phone Blaster Flash56 ProdyParrot Value Sound Blaster Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum. After", speed 3 Mbit Download 'is reduced, Monthly price 23 USD adsl2 ( TTNet Download speed up to 24 Mbit/s and upload 1 Mbit/s for unlimited connection. Telus in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada runs adsl2 (G.992.5 annex A) up to 25 Mbit/s downstream, 6 Mbit/s upstream. StreamWorks xing XingMP3 Xingfu Xinghai Xingmenban Xingning Green Lantern Optoelectronic Lighting Factory Xinhua China Xinhua News Network Corporation CNC World Xinia Xinit Systems Webload Xinrisong Xinsida Xinyuan Appliance Illumination Company xiod Xionics Xios Transcast Corporation XTC Xircom Credit Card International PortGear WinGlobal Xitron Clipper Cadet.

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At the beginning of 2009, Bezeq started to deploy the NGN service that delivers higher speeds of up to 15Mb using adsl2 and up to 100 Mbit/s using vdsl2, to all customers, by cutting the distance to the dslam. Ttml and vsnl also provide adsl2, with speeds up to 2 Mbit/s. Micronet provides DSL services in Pakistan since July 2002. Kcom Business 3 uses adsl2 for all home and business customers. Pricing plans of the biggest adsl provider, Telefnica O2 Czech Republic, range from 23 per month for 8,192/512 kbit/s to 27 per month for 16,384/768 kbit/s.

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CornerStone supports on-net customers in Eastern New York. Not all dslam vendors have implemented this functionality.

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12 In 2006, Optus announced that it would sell its adsl2 network wholesale to other ISPs. The majority of dslams are capable of supporting adsl2 technology while older equipment is limited to adsl. 10 Mbit/s downstream and 1 Mbit/s upstream is a typical offering for their business broadband. Andrews Arnold Supports adsl2 on BT's 21CN exchanges, 9 as well as TalkTalks LLU equipment.

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Kawa Kawai Concert Artist Kawai America Macro Controller Spectra Kawai / Teisco Kawanishi Kawasaki Ninja Spectre Tony Kawasaki Heavy Industries Kawasho Kay Bass Boost Blue Tremolo Fuzztone Rhythmer Kay Electric Company Kilo-Sweep Mega-Nodes Rada-Node Rada-Sweep Vari-Sweep Kay Elemetrics Corporation Kay-Townes Rear Guard Kaye Audio Kaye-Halbert. Shawplex Specto Spectone Spectra Explorer Sonic Spectra Dynamics Spectra-Physics Geodolite Spectra-Strip Spectral Audio Delta Gamma Reference Signature Spectrascan SpectraSite Spectravideo Spectre Spectricon Spectrol Reliance Spectroline Spectron Laser Spectrum Spectrum Communications Spectrum Control Spectrum Energy Evo-Lucent Spectrum Research Theater 2000 Speech Graphics Speech Software Services Mobi-Dict. Societ Europenne de Contrle d'Acces MediaGuard Seca Socit Europenne des Satellites arcs Astra Astra-Net SES Societ Franco-Belge de TSF Sectonde Socket Socradel Holiday Sodexo Sodexho Sodial Soehnle Soeks Ecotester Soemtron Sofant Technologies Sofia Digital Softbank Aldebaran Robotics ARM ARM Holdings Nao SoftBank Robotics Pepper Softbank. Timico 5 offers business broadband services.

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Server Snap Appliances SnapCar Snapfish Snappy Wincode SnapServer Snap Server SnapStream Personal Video Station snap2 Corporation Snazzi Snecma Snell Acoustics Improved Minor Snell and Wilcox Alchemist Alchemist Platinum Interpolator IQ Modular Kahuna Kudo Kudos Kudos Plus Mach 1 Mach Magic Dave Magic Gate Merlin. The site also estimates the maximum attainable speed on your line. Eclipse use the BT21CN network and Tiscali's (now part of Talk Talk) LLU network. Aurora Falcon Baby Soothe Bacterio Bar Code Pro Baxter Beagle Bear Foxtrot Beating the Blues? Zen Internet Ltd provide an adsl2 service from over 400 on-net exchanges, as of Nov 2017.