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Just as a bird, wherever it goes, flies with its wings as its only burden; so too is he content with a set of robes to provide for his body and almsfood to provide for his hunger. From dealing with false scales, false metals, and false measures.

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Läs mer, stäng, för att använda den här funktionen behöver du vara inloggad. Abandoning uncertainty, he dwells having crossed over uncertainty, with no perplexity with regard to skillful mental qualities.

Kevatta (Kevaddha) Sutta: To Kevatta

He discerns a concentrated mind as a concentrated mind, and an unconcentrated mind as an unconcentrated mind. Let go of this, enter and remain in that.' This, Kevatta, is called the miracle of instruction. Go right back to the Blessed One and, on arrival, ask him this question.

Maha-nidana Sutta: The Great Causes Discourse

Rets sommarvärdar Foto: Jonas Lindkvist Tre Sommarpratare att se fram emot 2018 DN:s Greta Thurfjell har valt ut tre värdar frn sommarens lista. The thought would occur to him, 'I went from my home village to that village over there. "As for the person who says, 'Feeling is not the self: My self is oblivious to feeling he should be addressed as follows: 'My friend, where nothing whatsoever is sensed (experienced) at all, would there be the thought, "I am"? Kommentar, erik Ohlsson: Kriget hotar inte oss i väst därför är det tyst. "Abandoning covetousness with regard to the world, he dwells with an awareness devoid of covetousness.

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L'activit de conception est entirement assiste par ordinateur. Bliv frivillig, har du brn? Wherever he goes, he takes only his barest necessities along. And as for another release in both ways, higher or more sublime than this, there is none." That is what the Blessed One said.

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"There are beings who, with the complete transcending of the dimension of the infinitude of consciousness, perceiving, 'There is nothing arrive at the dimension of nothingness. Insight Knowledge "With his mind thus concentrated, purified, and bright, unblemished, free from defects, pliant, malleable, steady, and attained to imperturbability, he directs and inclines it to knowledge and vision. On seeing a form with the eye, he does not grasp at any theme or details by which if he were to dwell without restraint over the faculty of the eye evil, unskillful qualities such as greed or distress might assail him. That 'The Tathagata neither exists nor does not exist after death' is his view, that would be mistaken. "If one is asked, 'Is there a demonstrable requisite condition for aging and death?' one should answer, 'There.' "If one is asked, 'From what requisite condition do aging and death come?' one should say, 'Aging and death come from birth as their requisite condition.'.

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Iransk människorättsadvokat gripen, har nyligen representerat flera kvinnor som har tagit av sina hijaber i Iran. I asked you where these four great elements the earth property, the liquid property, the fire property, and the wind property cease without remainder.' "A second time, the Great Brahma said to the monk, 'I, monk, am Brahma, the Great Brahma, the Conqueror, the Unconquered. The sword is one thing, the scabbard another, but the sword has been drawn out from the scabbard.' Or as if a man were to pull a snake out from its slough. "No, lord." "Thus this is a cause, this is a reason, this is an origination, this is a requisite condition for consciousness,.e., name-and-form.