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The very latest Dutch to English translations suggested for the Dutch dictionary can be viewed here below. We do not support the type of file you drop.

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We do not support the type of link you drop. Join other language lovers on and share your Dutch language expertise with the world. The official language is Dutch, which is spoken little in daily life. The Germanic language of the Netherlands and northern Belgium.

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Middle English, duch 13501400, collins Concise English Dictionary HarperCollins Publishers: Dutch /dt/ n the language of the Netherlands, belonging to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European family and quite closely related to German and English the Dutch (functioning as plural) the natives, citizens,. The old and small generation of well-educated Indonesians who spoke Dutch is passing away. The language spoken in Flanders is Dutch, which is commonly called Flemish.

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The only people who actually meet that target are the Scandinavian countries and the Dutch. EnglishMr President, there is a saying in Dutch which means that the last mile is the longest one.

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A West Germanic language spoken mainly in the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname. You can translate full sentences and single words from Dutch to Spanish, find Dutch to Spanish synonyms and antonyms and can translate from virtually any language to any language. Middle Dutch duutsch, dutch, German(ic cognate with Old High German diutisc popular (language) (as opposed to learned Latin translation of Latin ( lingua ) vulgris popular (language). EnglishI should like to say to my Dutch fellow-Members that there is no need to worry. Of or relating to the Netherlands, the Dutch people, or the Dutch language.

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More_vert Persisten las violaciones de los derechos humanos de las minoras cristianas. The great slaving powers were the English, the French, the Portuguese and the Dutch.