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2 Staking (like an on-boarding mechanism). 6 SAN doubles as a reward for crowd sourcing data and information escalates the value of Santiment services, thus creating more value for the entire network.

SAN, token, utility, and how it will take

He also does the management of the entire product and leads the team. The company has reserved: 18 for the team to incentivize their continued efforts. You can trade BTC, ETH, or USD for SAN on the exchange.

What Is the, santiment Network Token?

Investors should expect updated statistics, which will air on the official Santiment website. On the user facing side, the first exchange who can provide comprehensive content and datafeeds service to their customers for free will have a massive edge.

What is, santiment (SAN)?

By providing information ranging from market, transparency, and best practices, Santiment Network Token becomes a vital platform for people in the crypto space. Ethfinex is a hybrid decentralized exchange operated by and connected to Bitfinex. This applies to people with new currencies, exchange platforms, and cryptocurrency traders.

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Santiment has already built an alpha mobile app with historical pricing data and some sentiment analysis. Santiment Database (SANbase the, sANbase is a crowdsourced database of cryptocurrency projects. Lorem ipsum dolor Team The company went through a presale round of 12,000 ETH back in February 2017. Analysis of Santiment Token Bloomberg of Crypto Investing. Demand for financial analytics in the crypto space is surging especially when institutional money start coming.

Santiment Network Token (SAN) Will Go From Here?

With the help of technical and business partners, Santiment can certainly become a new hub for blockchain asset trading information. Theyre currently focusing on building out the SANbase which you can check out here. Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd, especially in the cryptocurrency world, remains a bit difficult. 4 for key partners and advisors. MyEtherWallet is a great, free option for you to use as well.