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There is nothing farther from the truth on this. 12, 2016 Do your research. I am now of the mind to pay whom I owe directly after I've let them know who they speak to, threaten, and refuse to acknowledge and accept barriers that some people really do have at times, while never intending to "skip payments.

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That I am and will be recording any calls. Now as my wife and I are trying to purchase a house, we find a negative issue on my credit report from this company.

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Kathie of Mount Vernon,. 14 people found this review helpful Gary of Tacoma, WA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: April 7, 2015 I do NOT owe EOS CCA or CenturyLink. This is absolutely crazy. Why you should trust us, im Wirecutters camera editor, and Ive covered cameras and other photo-related items for the past 13 years for cnet and Popular Photography. After five minutes of simply restating "I'd like your representative ID and to speak to a supervisor he finally transferred me to a supervisor.

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For instance, an insufficient sample size. I ask if they can send me a document regarding the amount, they say they can. View more 27 people found this review helpful.

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Once being hung up on when I asked if all calls are recorded on their end, may I have a copy or speak to whomever is authorized to make such a decision so I may inquire about that and all calls from them. EOS CCA's representative told me they would make a note that I wanted to dispute their name but would not remove the entry from my credit report until I got a letter from them with proof I never had an account with CenturyLink. 45 people found this review helpful Karla of Philadelphia, PA Verified Reviewer Original review: Oct.