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Lied about type of water heater, no AB or CD (upsell). Option one: if I picked up the water heater at the store, got my military discount and brought it home, they could do the job for 1012.00 and then added a pan for 325.00 more (which I found out later if I got. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of how i was told getting the best. Orlando air conditioning and heating bills. The first thing that I noticed that it was a local company that I knew about which made me feel even better about the decision to call.

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Lied about which one installed. You may find this information helpful for further shopping. I arrived at my house right after 2 installers showed up and said that was fast, I guess the warehouse is on this side of town. So I took his professional advice and okayed the AB package and had to give a verbal OK over the phone in which I gave the guy a great review because he had answers for everything and I believed him. I messaged the service man named Marvin Franks who told me about AB and CD water heaters and asked again did I get an AB water heater which he replied Yes,.

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He said it could not be repaired and assured me that I needed a new water heater. I am a 100 disabled usmc Vietnam Veteran and thank you and everyone at Home Depot for a veterans discount. All of our technicians undergo pre-employment background checks and drug screenings.

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We offer you peace of mind, ensuring your equipment operates more safely and efficiently. This cannot be an isolated incident. Option two: They would bring an AB water heater from the warehouse, give me a discount of 120.71, do the installation and move the water heater to a downstairs closet for 2003.27 with a 6 year warranty. We only hire the best, so you can be confident when you choose us to help with your heating and ac repair in Orlando,. Theres more to this story but someone that is in charge at Home Depot should know what is really going on with companies that I found out later are not local but national and installing product for Home Depot all across the nation.

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Lied about the way the water heater was draining ( hole in floor to drain under house). I had the need for a new water heater and of course I go to Home Depot, looked at the water heaters and saw that if I called the 1-800 number on the side of the box before 12 noon, it could be installed the. ARS/Rescue Rooter has provided exceptional hvac repair service to Tampa Bay and its surrounding areas for over 35 years. At Home Depot, I asked the associate in the plumbing department about AB and CD water heaters.