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They are the ones who initiated the euro oil trade with Iraq. The cost of war is not nearly as big as it is made out. Among the 19 nuts-2 regions exceeding the 150 level, five were in Germany, three in the United Kingdom, two in Austria, one each in Belgium, the Czech republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Sweden, as well as in the single region Grand Duchy. 'It was a political move on the part of the Iraqi government to show that the euro could be a substitute for the dollar in denominating the oil price says Fadhil Chalabi of the Centre for Global Energy Studies. 6,407 bahts.5 Romania average income PPP Employees, 2004.

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Citation needed It is the world's second largest consumer of oil, consuming much more than it can produce, at 12,790,000 (2013) barrels a day. Many writers have noted the contradiction between America's alleged desire to establish democracy in Iraq while at the same time, actively undermining the democratically-elected government in Venezuela. Currently, that oil is piped northwards - where Russia has control. But when the invasion is placed in the context of the protection of the entire US economy for now and into the future, the balance of the argument changes.

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Iran started thinking about switching too; Venezuela, the 4th largest oil producer, began looking at it and has been cutting out the dollar by bartering oil with several nations including America's bete noir, Cuba. Retrieved 2 December 2016. Istituto Nazionale di Statistica,.

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Retrieved 1 Cells shaded in green indicate forecast figure One region may be classified by Eurostat as a nuts-1, nuts-2 as well as a nuts-3 region. Furthermore, if opec were to convert their dollar assets to euro assets and then require payment for oil in Euros, their assets would immediately increase in value, since oil importing countries would be forced to also convert part of their assets, driving the prices. Your cheques should be worthless but they keep buying stuff because those cheques you write never reach the bank! Which perhaps helps explain why the US is increasingly turning to its second major tool for dominating world affairs: military force. Meanwhile, we've outsourced our manufacturing capacity to Mexico and Asia so that the American economy has come to be based soley on the creation of suburban sprawl, financed on credit, which is to say hallucinated money.

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The subsequent 30 per cent rise in the euro has greatly helped the United Nations' oil-for-food programme in Iraq. The more demand for dollars to carry out the daily business of trade and investment, the more euros or pounds it takes to buy them. 3-D and, iSIC Rev. . You have a debt on your books, but so long as your cheque never reaches the bank, you don't have to pay. 6,349 francs.3 Australia average income PPP 2,514  2,468 Full-time adult non-managerial employees, 2004.

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Dollar's Retreat Raises Fear of Collapse. Retrieved "What is the capital markets union?". If either joins the single currency, the key Brent benchmark could be redenominated in euros, offering an impetus to movers within Opec.