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You should see the green tick. You can use unlimited Facebook accounts and set unlimited fan pages. Next, our app must be associated with a Facebook page since it is the page that interacts with the users. Messenger ads according to my experience it is still better than lead ads, but as not every click on your ad will reach your website, also not every click will be an actual new message for you. You may know that I am not a techie and was still able to.

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Leaving a comment can show also a higher commitment level, so these prospects are also more likely to buy and take action. It all comes down to one thing at the end. For our toy project, we will only send back text.

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So take what I say here with a grain of salt. It does basically only one thing, but it is the most important thing. So I purchased both and started some test and setups.

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More coming soon Both are capable of fulfilling the most important task: sending a private message as an answer to a Facebook post comment. But is this what you really want? Dispatch(self, request, *args, *kwargs) # Post function to handle Facebook messages def post(self, request, *args, *kwargs # Converts the text payload into a python dictionary incoming_message code utf-8 # Facebook recommends going through every entry since they might send # multiple messages in a single.

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This is an active research area and computers are far from being good at understanding natural language. This is how my flow looked like: User comments on my post.

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Also, as already mentioned the messages can be enabled with a short call to actions. There is a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, should you have any issues. This will prepopulate the required products for the app in the dashboard.