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Params dictionary of URL parameters to append to the URL. If you give a non-superuser the ability to edit users, this is ultimately the same as giving them superuser status because they will be able to elevate permissions of users including themselves! Return type: dict mount( prefix, adapter ) source Registers a connection adapter to a prefix.

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Prepare_auth( auth, url' ) source Prepares the given http auth data. Note: Should not normally need to be called explicitly. As.0 this does nothing by default, but is left for overriding by users that subclass the httpadapter. Use.get and.set and include domain and path args in order to be more specific.

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Prepare_content_length( body ) source Prepare Content-Length header based on request method and body prepare_cookies( cookies ) source Prepares the given http cookie data. Any subsequent calls to prepare_cookies will have no actual effect, unless the Cookie header is removed beforehand. Returns a dictionary of the headers to add to any request sent through a proxy. Its advised to avoid passing header values as unicode when possible. From_email: A valid email address.

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Confirm_login_allowed( user ) By default, AuthenticationForm rejects users whose is_active flag is set to False. Test_func You have to override the test_func method of the class to provide the test that is performed. Overrides the next_page URL if the given GET parameter is passed. If called via post with user submitted credentials, it tries to log the user.

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Return type: sponse get_adapter( url ) source Returns the appropriate connection adapter for the given URL. Selecting the authentication backend When a user logs in, the users ID and the backend that was used for authentication are saved in the users session. Mixins import LoginRequiredMixin class MyView(LoginRequiredMixin, View login_url login redirect_field_name 'redirect_to' Note Just as the login_required decorator, this mixin does NOT check the is_active flag on a user, but the default authentication_backends reject inactive users. In addition, an invalid URL escape sequence now raises a subclass of RequestException rather than a ValueError. Required only if you have multiple authentication_backends configured.

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Prerequisites, the following dependencies would need to be installed on your machine before downloading and running the Swagger Editor. Return type: sponse prepare_request( request ) source Constructs a PreparedRequest for transmission and returns. Attributes: template_name: The name of a template to display for the view used to log the user. Token: Token to check that the reset link is valid.