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0.02 USD Binance Exchange the World. A notary in this sense acts as an oracle for whether a third party "Claim" is trusted or not. Lautaro Dragan - Technical Lead. The website also provides a detailed description of the staff and development strategy. The development of has been separated into three phases : The Rosetta Era, The Guttenberg Era, and The Alexandria Era.

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He studied at ucla. He was an AD operations manager for Flurry Inc., a famous analytical company which was sold to Yahoo. Is oriented to the community but not mass market investors. The Foundation will retain 22 percent of all POE tokens for long-term development, with the remaining 8 percent going to the early team and founders.

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Protocol is powered by Proof of Existence.0 software developed by The Project founder. As well as facilitating discovery, the marketplaces will accommodate creative licenses and allow for payments to content creators through frictionless payment channels. Documentation includes the white paper, token information, and the product Deck scheme, executed in three languages: English, Chinese, and Russian. As a member on the platform, you can create your own marketplace and make it as broad (ie.

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You can contact the developers via: Twitter: m poetproject Telegram: Medium: http Slack Channel: m/ Reddit: m/r/poetproject Linkedin: m/company/poetchain / /team /roadmap /whitepaper. Officially Revealed The publisher tool is unveiled at the Maven Media Summit in Seattle, Washington. 15 September 2017 Integrate With CMS Platforms integrates with existing CMS platforms such as Wordpress using an open API. LTB Partnership BTC Media acquires Let's Talk Bitcoin and converts existing LTB token balances to tokens.

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About : - Proof of Existence.0 is a Bitcoin blockchain protocol that establishes an open, universal and immutable ledger for managing the unalterable ownership, attribution and licensing of creative digital assets. The Guttenburg Era follows, named in honor of the first printing press. Tokens are blocked for a period of 50 months. Pp Platform Launches Developers are able to build and deploy smart contracts and other DApps that interact with the network. While the project is still very young, theyve already made a splash in the blockchain ecosystem.

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It is very difficult to assess the whole intellectual property market, and it is impossible to estimate the value of digital intellectual property located on the Internet. Reputation System will integrate a reputation and dispute resolution system to combat spam or fraud on the network. To outline the initial architecture of the network. Posts created by accounts that self-delete immediately will be deleted right away.

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The remaining 90 will come from the community. Using the unique fingerprints assigned to each document, members can vote to accept or reject the challenge. The marketplaces use s token, POE, to uniquely incentivize members to add and fairly rate relevant content. 0.02 USD Milestones Proof of Existence.0 Manuel Araoz and Esteban Ordano, CTO, create one of the first non-financial blockchain applications: a website where users can upload a document and hash it into the Bitcoin blockchain. Price: 0, USD, accepted: ETH, BTC, no bonuses, team Team size: 9 members 17 backers; GitHub: http m/poetapp/ Social media Slack: 652 members; Twitter: 62 tweets, 560 followers Medium: 12 posts, 47 followers Reddit: 26 subscribers Facebook (non-official 12 likes, 12 followers Telegram: 104 members.