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(ii) Reserve Bank Staff College (rbsc The rbsc is located at Chennai. To promote monetisation and monetary integration of the economy. RBI Annual Report 2016-17, factors that impacted the RBIs balance sheet during the year included the need for more intervention due to a surge in liquidity post demonetisation. It also provides medium/short term credit limits to these institutions by rediscounting their usance bills and long-term assistance from the NIC (LTO) Fund. (3) Long-Term Advances: The RBI provides long term advances for agricultural and allied activities to the State Governments to enable them to contribute to the share capital of co-operatives and the NRC (LTO) Fund and NRC (Stabilisation) Fund.

Reserve Bank of India - Annual Report of the RBI

The payments for imports against foreign currency loans / credits extended by foreign governments / financial institutions are made either under the Direct Payment Method, also known as Letter of Commitment Method or Reimbursement Method. (ii) Bank Rate Policy : The bank rate is the rate fixed by the central bank at which it rediscounts first class bills of exchange and government securities held by commercial banks.

Annual Report of Reserve Bank of India

But the cash reserves kept with the RBI were not included in this ratio. Under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973, the RBI controls the receipts and payments of foreign currencies. (vi) Training in Computer Technology: The RBI set up the Department of Computer Technology in 1995 for efficient and quick use of new technologies. Even the money market rates charged by banks and non-bank financial intermediaries differ widely. While growth in the economy did slow in the aftermath of demonetisation, the impact was far lower than feared.

Reserve bank OF india annual report RBI

The RBI sanctioned.3,750 crores to NAB ARE» in 1992-93 under general line of credit. The RBI has set up the Discount and Finance House of India (dfhi) as a major financial institution to rediscount commercial bills, treasury bills and Government dated securities which it has been doing since its inception. No amount was sanctioned after this.

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Since the exchange value of these currencies keeps on changing in the international market, the RBI also changes the exchange rate of the rupee in relation to other currencies such as dollar, mark, yen, sterling etc. From 1992-93, the working capital credit limit has been raised from.5crores.

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It provides training to senior officers of the Bank in the areas of application of statistical methods, negotiating skills, counseling import-export financing. ON business standard digital.