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You want an exchange that's popular for your coin. Buy at least few coins now to not regret later! FeatherCoin - daimyo, hero Member, offline Activity: 517 Merit: 500 UFO Value does not exist outside of human consciousness tmuir12 Full Member Offline Activity: 230 Merit: 100 FeatherCoin - Berric Full Member Offline Activity: 144 Merit: 100 Modo Newbie Offline Activity: 27 Merit: 0 daimyo.

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Rick xonar IT Specialist- Rick is a Microsoft and ProLiant/Linux Integration Certified Professional with 30 years of experience in the IT field. Info Genesis Date January 03, 2014 (over 4 years) Hashing Algorithm NeoScrypt Hashrate N/A Try Cloud Mining Block Time.5 minutes Available/Total Supply.63 Billion / 4 Billion This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Doge Markets code last price vol change.732.61 shnd.841.82 PCN.254.11 sprts.067.15 dime.952 -0.4.931.44 moon.934.57 tips.537 -1.03 xpasc.106 -7.10 kubo.829 -2.80 bigup.397 -0.01 1337.645.874 -4.00 zeit.171.77. Features, neoScrypt, the newest Scrypt hashing algorithm uses blended Salsa 20/20 and Chacha 20/20, Blake2s for hashing and FastKDF.

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Always use 2-Factor authentication on your chosen exchange. Remember that buying cryptocurrencies is high risk.

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Gitumarcela : @thanh1984 yap but i stop since 2 weeks Fehuruzz : free at last thanh1984 : gitumarcela. Read More, by Uniform Fiscal ObjectJune 3, 2018. No problem, just finished the same thing for Feathercoin last night and noticed the lack of nodes for UFO when I went to sync it last night, so decided to do the same for UFO as I can run them both off the same.

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Coins / UFO Coin Price, uFO Coin (UFO gecko Rank: #769. Things to know, if you're a first time buyer make sure to read these tips! About UFO, green rows are the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Read More, by Uniform Fiscal ObjectApril 13, 2018. GitHUB and Twitter links, please note that the GitHUB and Twitter links have been changed. HRC.246.97, linda.813.56, nANJ.421 -4.76, eXC.152, lTC.563 -3.29, aPR.018 -9.00 XSH.163.50 html.149.67 SIC.12 -11.11 extn.718.04 zest.383 -47.16 ethos.078.92 vips.051 -14.29 food.826 -2.31 VLU.545 -7.20 CAZ.