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Introduction of the Euro, on January 1, 1999, the Euro (EUR) was introduced as an account currency, replacing the European Currency Unit at par. Austria is currently in breach of the revised rules, but has so far not announced plans to remove "1 euro" from its coin).

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The inner circle is composed of three layers ( copper-nickel, nickel, copper-nickel) and the outer ring of nickel brass, giving the coin a two-colour appearance. The designer's initials appear under the right branch of the cross, and the mint mark under the left branch. In June 2014 the coronation took place and 8 months later (February 2015) the new design was released. None of the German Euros carry the words Germany or Deutschland. The coins have been used from 2002, though some are dated 1999, which is the year the euro was created as a currency, but not put into general circulation.

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The harp motif was designed by Jarlath Hayes. The coin was designed by Pertti Mäkinen and commemorates the 80th anniversary of the independence of Finland. 2008 onward Mongasque euro coins first series: Effigies of both Prince Rainier III (monarch) and Prince Albert II (next in line). The center of the coin depicts the right profiles. 2002 onward Belgian euro coins first series: An effigy of King Albert.

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The 2007 redesign coincided with the first enlargement of the eurozone in that year, with the entry of Slovenia. Hence, the Slovenian design was added to the designs in circulation.

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This map showed Europe, not just the EU, as one continuous landmass; however Cyprus was moved west as the map cut off after the Bosphorus (which was seen as excluding Turkey for political reasons). References edit External links edit. 2017 onward Planned designs edit See also: Enlargement of the eurozone Austria, Germany and Greece will at some point need to update their designs to comply with guidelines stating they must include the issuing state's name or initial, and not repeat the denomination of the. There were then 15 versions of the national sides (eurozone.

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He subsequently replaced Albert on Belgian coins. Leonardo's work is highly symbolic as it represents the Renaissance focus on man as the measure of all things, and has simultaneously a round shape that fits the coin perfectly. EU's membership has since expanded in 20, with further expansions envisaged, the common face of all euro coins of values of 10 cents and above were redesigned in 2007 to show a new map.

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The design of the one and two euro coins was intended to show the. The fifth series, first issued in March 2017, shows the coat of arms of the Sovereign of the Vatican City State, Pope Francis. The year, followed by Ltzebuerg (Luxembourg in Luxembourgish ) written vertically. The coin is of an owl (a symbol of Athens) with an olive branch to the top left.