Why, monetha is a terrible ICO, my post was deleted on their

Then the value of the token is reliant on a few things, chief among them being its supply. Please add a comment in the comment field below explaining what you rated and why you gave it that rate. Member Offline Activity: 350 Merit: 251 Yury1.

Is, monetha, a Scam?

2 Product could see some adoption, and therefore growth. That said, what Monetha believes, first and foremost, is that reputation is a problem for merchants equally as important as accessing the Ethereum blockchain.

ANN ICO, monetha - Decentralised reputation with built-in

Merchants accepting Ethereum arent necessarily going to prosper by virtue of that, so the idea that they are facing it as a problem is intriguing but probably inaccurate. If you read the whitepaper on Monetha it says: Monetha will charge.5 transaction fee from merchants. CobraJ, member, offline, activity: 154 Merit: 31 ch4534ch3ckn3v3rch453481tch The musicians of Blaviken.

ICO : Why the team needs to address people that were

What is happening with the supply of MTH tokens, anyway? In co-founder Andrej Ruckij, we get a gigantic experience as Vice President of Development at Adform: global digital advertising company. For all questions about Monetha, follow me and send me a DM 11:26. While we have a more analytical complaint, we wanted to relay this succinct message from Reddit user bestteamever171 : Monetha will charge.5 transaction fee from merchants. (Coinbase also enables merchant to receive payments with a working API, they charge 0 fees to use their services).

Reputation Trust Management

As per usual, they ban US investors. There is really no point in having an ICO if the project is this centralised and unfair, this project sounds more like a cash grab. Its true that reputations must be built within each system in order to thrive within them. Prior to his efforts at Wowwtto and other independent efforts, he worked as a marketing executive for a company called Peek Cloppenburg, and before that, in some form of entertainment. Aragon doesnt presuppose that businesses need the blockchain, it only stands to help those who decide to integrate.