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Thats actually 11 interest per year, still really insane interest rates for somebody borrowing, but if youre lending this is a great interest rate. You may have more small losses because the market swings around quite a bit, but youre going to use Rule Number One and you are going to read Rule Number One every six months for the first couple years of your trading and then probably. In the 15 minute chart, the prices look like a long lazy decline and lower prices may occur, bit its not the kind of top formation that I want to take a short position. For the purpose of this example, Im going to use XMR (Monero) as my collateral but you can use any one of these different currencies as your collateral to fund your margin trading. In these margin trading markets I can also look for the 1-2-3 top formation and go short at the break below the top formation and make money as prices go down.

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Margin trading makes these markets more volatile because you can get some large short positions really pushing the market down and this causes small traders to sell out of their position and the market goes down even further. Members Login Here I hope that was a helpful tutorial on margin trading on Poloniex your questions will make this a better tutorial overtime. Now lets go back to margin trading and go short 100 Factum from here. Prices have broken below a 1-2-3 top formation and try to rise again but couldnt do it and that is a weakness signal.

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Ill talk about Rule Number One and Rule Number Two all the time as we go through our trading tutorials. First of all, margin trading on Poloniex is a lot more difficult than regular exchange trading because there are more costs involved.

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Thank you for join. So you can go to any one of these markets and choose which ones youre going to trade. I always start my technical analysis with a long-term view of the chart, and then zoom into the one month and zoom-in from there to see what its doing at this moment. In review, the Factum market was the clearest in all of these margin trading markets for my trading signal.

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Margin Trading Digital Currencies On Poloniex. Factum is also showing the perfect levels for support right now where this would be the ideal place for the market to get traction and bounce up from here and Im sure there are a lot of people who are expecting that right now. As prices go down on Factum, I will make a profit in this trade. We would use Rule Number One and Rule Number Two if we were trading short in this market. This helps to ensure that I am smaller in my trade when Im wrong and gives me the opportunity to be larger in my trades when Im correct.

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The bitcoin lending rate right now.0796 and you need to multiply that by 365 days in order to really get a concept of how much interest you are paying here. What would you like to see? This is very fascinating trading on Poloniex. What did I not cover?

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If we go long we are going to make money when the prices go up, and if we go short, we will make money as the prices go down. The thing is, I could actually use my Monero in my margin wallet and use that as collateral to go long on additional Monero.