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Ultimately, Fallon got back at Colbert with a "promise" of his own. Taylor Hicks made a surprise appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on April 1, performing Rebecca Black's "Friday" with Fallon, Stephen Colbert and the Roots as a charity stunt.

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Fallon tells viewers that if they raise 26,000 for DonorsChoose. Wait for the cheerleaders! The proceed were pledged to DonorChoose. And if he was able to do it, Jimmy said Stephen pledged to come on his show and sing Friday.

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(Read the backstory here.) Basically, comedian Colbert promised to sing "Friday" on the show if Fallon and his viewers managed to raise 26,000 for the charity. The Colbert Report host recently auctioned off a painting of himself for 26,000 to benefit charity and subsequently announced on his show that. Hicks, 34, a Hoover native and former "American Idol" winner, burst onto the stage during the televised performance, harmonica in hand, and mugged it up with the other stars.

Sings Friday on Late Night with Jimmy

As promised, Stephen Colbert appeared on Friday nights episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform Rebecca Blacks atrocious yet catchy viral hit Friday. Fallon and Colbert had brainstormed the escapade. Amy SchumerMadeleine AlbrightGiada De Laurentiis, may 30   Wednesday, bryan CranstonPresident Jimmy Carter.

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Birmingham, Alabama - April fools? By continuing to use our website you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our. Turns out people are very charitable when they want to see someone do something humiliating. They resolved their differences and became BFF's for 6 months. Better open your wallet.