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As we mentioned in the overview, the critical lines that need to run here are: function withdrawRewardFor(address _account) noEther internal returns (bool _success) if (balanceOf account) * cumulatedInput / totalSupply paidOut_account) / xxxxx throw; uint reward (balanceOf account) * cumulatedInput / totalSupply - paidOut_account;. Retrieved "Ethereum Hard Fork Creates Competing Currencies as Support for Ethereum Classic Rises".

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2 27 The funds were put into an account subject to a 28-day holding period under the terms of the Ethereum contract so were not actually gone; members of The DAO and the Ethereum community debated what to do next, with some calling the attack. 24 On June 16 further attention was called to recursive call vulnerabilities by bloggers affiliated with the IC3. the DAO " is the name of a particular DAO, conceived of and programmed by the team behind German startup a company building "smart locks" that let people share their things (cars, boats, apartments) in a decentralized version of Airbnb.

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That's one transaction for each recursive call of withdrawRewardFor, which we described above. ICO Watch List Blog.

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How does the DAO decide how many tokens to move? Ether is a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is generated by the Ethereum platform.

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"Chiefless Company Rakes in More than 100 Million". The antithesis of the crypto world. . A subsequent hard fork could even return all ether, including the DAO's 'extraBalance' and the stolen funds, back into a smart contract. "Geth, Viper, and Wafr: New Ethereum Developments".