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Select the Use account manager radio-button and then click the Next button, as shown on the below screenshot. Synchronization of the Blockchain and Acquiring Gridcoin for Donating Your Computing Power: Before being able to receive Gridcoins for your proof-of-research (PoR) rewards, your wallet has to be synchronized, or in other words, you will have to download the full up-to-date version of the Gridcoin. Run the downloaded file, and proceed by clicking Next, once the setup process has begun. Important news: C-CEX summer vacations!

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Create a BAM account via visiting this link. In other words, Gridcoins framework provides a decentralized network that can be virtually used to perform any form of computing problems.g. Right click on the desktop shortcut you created and click on preferences.

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To mine gridcoin, or in other words, donate your computing power to participate in one of boincs projects, follow the following steps: Download and install the boinc software on your. Sync the neural network by doing the following:. The software is available for Windows, MacOs and Linux operating systems, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we will install in on Windows.

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Enter the following command: execute advertisebeacon. We will not: provide all cryptocoin and tokens deposits and withdrawals, support ticket service. We will: provide trading service, API trading service, C-CEX codes creation and redeeming, fiat deposits and withdrawals. Wait for the email confirmation after registration, click the confirmation link to activate your account and then login.

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On most centralized exchanges you need to first buy Bitcoin in order to buy Gridcoin, except from on where you can exchange several cryptocurrencies for gridcoin. Nore that at this point you have to have some Gridcoins as the ad will cost around (0.0011 Gridcoin). Go to the debug console again, as we explained above, and then enter the command: execute syncpor2.

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6- Now, attach your boinc client to your account on BAM! Register your cpid to dpors system via advertising a beacon. You can easily sell your Gridcoins on Poloniex or Bittrex.