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This link for an example of how one looks like and how you could actually make it yourself for cheap! Nicehash Mining-Tutorial from, bTC-Kyle, thanks a lot! True round based payment system, proportional your shares, 1 fee. The simplest way to register on one of exchanges. Third party android application for pool ZCash Nanopool Monitoring App.

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Software usage, there are many mining software for equihash algorithm, however in this guide we will use the easiest to setup as well as advanced tweaking. Stratumtcp:2142, asia Pacific Mining Node: stratumtcp:2142, check this great. The miner does come with SSL support as well as Nicehash support, has some interesting extra features, though it is still very easy to use. You can mine directly to your ZCash wallet on any exchange. The SET-UP, you could mine with any PCs or Laptops but its not recomanded as they are not tweaked for Hashing power/ (power usage cost) plus, there is the heating problem for the in-case airflow!

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It is a closed source miner, available for both Windows and Linux operating systems and comes with a 2 dev fee included (optional, though disabling it apparently removes some optimizations). For Nicehash use :2143, it is not recommended to use nicehash on this pool! You currently earn more per day than what it estimated on the pool.

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Configure Make sure t file file looks like this: genoil. Ethash (MH equihash (Sol ethereum (ETH), pOOL. Please use m for calculating your mining estimates per hour/day/week until it's fixed on the Statistics page. So go and create a t file with notepad and add the following code: lt p gt; lt;bloc" gt; lt;p gt;miner. Org:6666 -u -p x -cd 0 1 2 3 cuda 6 devices:./nheqminer -l nopool.

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Org:6666 -u -p x OpenCL 4 devices:./nheqminer -l nopool. Org -user -pass z -port 6666 Where: your_wallet_address - your valid ZCash address your_worker_name - simple short worker name (like worker01).