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"China Lowers Banks' Reserve Requirements to Support Growth". The Rise of the People's Bank of China: The Politics of Institutional Change (Harvard University Press; 2013) 384 pages; Recent history; uses interviews with key figures External links edit. All Standard gold imported into the Chinese domestic gold (via through General Trade) is required to be sold in the first instance through a spot gold exchange. Currently, 13 financial institutions are approved by the PBoC to hold a gold import license.

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It is not to be confused with. When imported into the Chinese domestic gold market under General Trade, non-standard gold is not allowed to be sold through the SGE. Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China " is also classified in this region citation needed. The deputy governors of the PBC are appointed to or removed from office by the Premier of the State Council.

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The Catalogue of Managed Imports and Exports-Gold and Gold Products. Chinese Rules on Gold Imports and Exports.

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"Enterprises and Institutions directly under the PBC". Given the trend of international mine acquisitions by Chinese gold mining companies, this rule change by the PBoC suggests that the Chinese authorities want to encourage companies such as Zijin, China National Gold Group and Shandong Gold Group to apply for import gold import license so as to encourage. In practice, only financial institutions are granted licences to import Standard Gold into China. Structure edit People's Bank of China Tianjin branch, formerly the Central Bank Tientsin Branch building until 1949, now a protected heritage site The PBC has established 9 regional branches, one each in Tianjin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xi'an, 2 operations offices.

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Shenzhen Development Bank (SDB) / Ping An Bank. Contents, highlights, chinese gold imports are either classified as general gold trade (imported from international markets) or processing gold trade (imported, processed and then re-exported). The People's Bank of China is responsible for designing and implementing the monetary policy of China.

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Zijin Mining timeline 2015, Zijin website. It also manages the Chinese foreign reserves and gold reserves. The headquarters was first located. Valued at US3.21 trillion 4, The People's Bank of China has had the largest financial asset holdings of any central bank in the world since July 2017. The Measures state that: Gold to be imported shall be registered at a spot gold exchange approved by the State Council where the first trade shall be completed.