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Behold, our savior: Krark's Thumb. Even if our strategy isn't the most optimal we can at least police the board until we're ready to win. That's actually pretty good! In March 2015 Brode stated, "the win rate is very close to 50-50 regardless of who has the coin but that "Going 1st is slightly better". You have to go all the way with it!

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In the later game, it can be saved until an opportunity presents itself for The Coin's extra mana crystal to provide a substantial benefit. A lot of the coin flipping creatures happen to be goblins so this deck can often trigger the ability one or two extra times before the Assassin bites the dust. With regard to tournaments and high level play, Brode confirmed that even in the "very top.01" it's "still better to go first, on average". This site uses cookies.

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Stitch In Time is a 3-mana Time Warp with a 75 success rate with Krark's Thumb. Planar Chaos is a dirty lockdown piece. . It is possible for The Coin to be used more than once each game with the use of copying effects like or, or with cards that generate new The Coin cards like. Insurrection and Rite of Replication are classic options.

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Now you can listen to my smooth, sultry voice describe the deck and its key cards! The rest of my upgrade suggestions are typical Izzet goodstuff. You guys asked for it, so for the first time ever, here's a Deck Tech Video of Budget Coin Flips! Announcing the CoinDesk Career Center.

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We have a couple other powerful tricks up our sleeves, but Thumb is definitely the most important one. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contract form here.