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Bitcoin hard fork, but two of them. Another faction preferred a change to the code called "SegWit which squeezes more transactions into each block. After the fork, you will be able to access and split your coins. While the exact prices of Bitcoin forks are impossible to predict, we can make some ballpark estimates.

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Regojo and Kuhne see this as a fundamental problem not something that free market dynamics can realistically resolve. Segwit2x is intended to increase the size of each individual block on the Bitcoin blockchain from 1MB to 2MB. 7, differences from Bitcoin edit, bitcoin gold uses the memory hard equihash as proof-of-work algorithm instead of the sha-256. With the launch of Bitcoin Cash in particular, users eagerly accepted their batch of free money, while exchanges, wallets and other service providers proved relatively willing to integrate the new coin. As always, Bitcoin holders should remain vigilant when it comes to their holdings.

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When will this fork occur? So, What Should I Do?

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These coins are the result of what is known as a hard fork from the Bitcoin blockchain. For even greater security, consider keeping your holdings in a hardware wallets and paper wallets.

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Other obstacles facing hard forks is reaching consensus, with many commentators suggesting that more time should be given to consulting with the Bitcoin community before launching a hard fork, as without consensus a hard fork may weaken what is supposed to be a united decentralized. A new batch of BTG was to be mined in the first week after the fork and subsequently distributed to designated investors, not unlike an ICO.