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Freed (August 17, 2012). The New Zealand Herald.

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The mixing of the rebel feminist punk image with the image of institutionalized defenders of prisoners' rights, is harmful for us as collective, as well as it is harmful for the new role that Nadia and Masha have taken. 127 Opposition activist Alexey Navalny described Pussy Riot as "fools who commit petty crimes for the sake of publicity 128 but opposed the verdict, which he believed had been "written by Vladimir Putin" as "revenge 127 for a stunt not socially dangerous enough to justify. The working title was Show Trial: The Story of Pussy Riot ; 220 subsequently it was released as Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer.

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. On, a Russian court turned down an appeal by Maria Alyokhina against a previous court ruling that denied her an early release on parole.

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"Russian Band Is Found Guilty in Putin Protest". Retrieved Released Punk Rockers Keep Up Criticism of Putin. In a press conference Monday afternoon, South Carolina corrections department director Bryan Stirling said the response teams entered as fast as they could. 175 French singer Mireille Mathieu, who frequently performed in Russia, was one of the few western entertainers to speak out against Pussy Riot, saying they had committed a sacrilege.

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An Associated Press reporter described them as "badly recorded, based on simple riffs and scream-like singing" and stated that critics had dismissed them as "amateur, provocative and obscene". Open:.93, close:.39.93 Day Low/High.70, day Range.45 52 Week Low/High.20. In early July, a poll conducted in Moscow found that half of the respondents opposed the trial while 36 percent supported it; the rest being undecided.

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214 Maria Alyokhina explicitly condemned cutting down crosses and splashing ink on icons during her unsuccessful appeal against her sentence on October. This is basically the reason why we wouldn't go to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior again or, unquestionably, to any other church for that matter Alyokhina said.

Arabs to riot in Judea, Samaria and Gaza - Israel

Several masked women performed "Osvobodi Bruschatku" Release the Cobblestones atop a scaffold in a Moscow subway and from the top of trolley cars, while tearing apart down feather pillows, showering feathers onto the train platform below. Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and its decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.