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Cash Back at the Store, you can also try to get cash back at grocery and convenience stores. Increase Your Debit Card Spending Limit As with ATM withdrawal limits, banks may also be willing to adjust your daily debit purchase limit if you contact them directly on an individual case by case basis. Santander's Premier Plus Checking account holders have the same ATM withdrawal limit of 2,500 but have an increased daily debit purchase limit of 11,500.

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Plus, theres no grace period to avoid interest charges. Your mobile carriers message and data rates may apply.

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If necessary, you can use multiple cash back transactions until you hit your debit cards daily purchase limitoften several thousand dollars or more. Cash advance limits: Debit card cash advances in branches still have limits, but theyre generally higher than limits at the ATM. As long as theyre convinced that you are who you say you are, they might be willing to bump your limit up as high as a few thousand dollars. Especially if you dont have or wish to use a credit card for major purchases, you may find yourself needing to pay a big car repair bill, book a vacation, or make another large purchase that will cost more than your debit card spending limit.

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Ask your bank or credit union what your debit card limits are. If you are unsatisfied or want to switch to an account with higher limits, you can also upgrade your existing account or find a new bank.

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ATM Access Codes are available for use at all Wells Fargo ATMs for Wells Fargo Debit, ATM, and EasyPay(R) Cards using the Wells Fargo Mobile App. Log in with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.

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However, be aware that 1970 Bank Secrecy Act, written to target potentially fraudulent activity, requires banks to report all aggregate daily cash withdrawals that exceed 10,000. But what about weekends, evenings, and (numerous) other situations when thats not an option? Also ask your bank if ATM transactions count towards your daily spending limit. During banking hours, you can always walk into your bank and withdraw as much as you want from a teller.

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Debit cards can be great at times and sometimes credit cards are a better choice (if you use them responsibly). Note that any withdrawals you already made at the ATM will probably also count against your daily in-branch limit.