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 He also seems to fit a 45mm horse better than the 54mm horse. Wouldn't it have been nice if Marx had produced figures of the entire Tombstone gang?  Were the sergeant cavities damaged?  Standing with flag Photo courtesy of Jill and Karl Lorenz, Ebay trekrjill The Centennial or Medical Group PL-1093 Marx refered to this group as the medical group, rather an odd name for. The bag that was meant to be held by the Pose 3 figure is virtually impossible to find today, because it was quickly lost by us kids back inthe 1950s due to its size, which is about an inch by a half inch.

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 I have seen what I would call turquoise, so perhaps one or both are that color. EBay and the VPP Administrator will determine: (1) whether you are eligible to participate in the VPP program, (2) whether you have suffered a loss, (3) if the loss was caused by the type(s) of fraud that qualify for a VPP reimbursement and (4) the. Any damage that could have been discovered upon a reasonable inspection before you paid for and picked up the vehicle in person.  Running with club Blister card of 54mm Indians with tepee (made in same mold) and 60mm Sitting Bull.

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 According to the magazine, 1) Marx received the mold in plenty of time to produce Mexican soldiers, 2) the company may have formulated the playset around the new Davy Crockett Indian Fighter television show, and 3) the decision was not last minute, because Marx went.  Mounted outlaw. The sitting pioneer (Pose 13 similar to the sitting Indian in PL-919, appears to be significantly smaller in scale than the other figures.  In the same year, Marx debuted a western-styled train set and sold some Tales of Wells Fargo play sets that included the train set, with "Tales of Wells Fargo" lithographed in gold on the side of the train's tender.

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 Check to be sure the plumes are still attached to their hats!  Figures have also been found in gray, and these are generally believed to be discolored cream figures that have been dug up from company landfills after the Marx bankruptcy.  Yellow and red brown were eventually the most common colors, though the Indians were produced in many different colors, including cream, several shades of butterscotch, other shades of brown, and a color that collectors call red wine.

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Though not a favorite set of mine, I enjoy the "old prospector" (Pose 9). And by the way, as noted on Page 2 of this section, I do realize that Roy Rogers was a 20th Century cowboy (as evidenced by the Nellybelle jeep but I have decided to overlook that fact and include him here with Marx Wild West.  The swords fit perfectly into their right hands.

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 Standing with rifle cradled in arms re-issue figure. Figures were made in soft plastic and were light tan or carmel or butterscotch in color, depending on which expert you talk.  It is somewhat unique in that Agent Hardie is a lefty.  Matt went for 540, Kitty for 413, Chester for 233, and Doc 228.