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Thanks to Dan over at cadince for inspiring much of this post! Method 2 - For the rooted user (Android only). Step 3 The databases file is just an sqlite database.

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Step 4 Setup Google Authenticator on a new device Instead of scanning a barcode - add the account manually, with the key you just retrieved in Step. Google accounts is one of the smartest things the company has ever done. If you saved the secret keys you're given, which is a good idea as long as they're secure and separate from your passwords, you can re-enter them on a new phone by finding a secure QR-code generator (a local or JS-based one that doesn't send. At this point youre scratching your head wondering where the Security button or Settings selections are as the documentation glibly intones.

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But what happens if you lose your phone or upgrade to a new device? If you have a backup application, you may be able to back up the app's data, sync it to the cloud, and restore it on the other device. For the love of god, dont click anywhere but the progress buttons in the subsequent screens or youll get to start over at square one right here. Google, authenticator app gives you no easy way to retrieve the hidden key, or move it to another device. I spent nearly an hour trying to match out-of-date documentation with important settings hidden in the user interface.

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At this point you may also be barraged with requests for the app to use your camera, all of which you should accept just like you do for every other application. Why transitioning isnt vastly simpler is a question best left to security usability experts, but.

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Its the small touches like this that makes this simple process so much less stressful. Step Three: Open the, google, authenticator app on your new device and tap Begin setup. Editors' note: This How To post was originally published on June 28, 2013, and has been updated to include new information. To my disappointment the rooting methods available for the Thunderbolt all require wiping your entire device by downgrading the firmware to an engineering build.