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In addition to making transactions quick, this removes the necessity of spending gas to pay for network transaction costs, like on other decentralized exchanges such as EtherDelta. SDKs for multiple languages, wallets and payment platforms will be available and completely open-source.

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For more information on what NEM does and what sets NEM apart from its competitors, see What is NEM. Verges development is community-driven. Virtual goods on the blockchain, a decentralized platform to create, manage, distribute, and trade virtual goods. Stratis is led by CEO Chris Trew who has worked in the blockchain world since 2013 and has various experiences in the financial, legal, aviation and software development sectors.

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The Ark team is led by Francois-Xavier Thoorens, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ark. Asset securitization is simply the ability to register and tokenize any asset from the atomic world, and easily put it on the r more information on Bytom, see their website and reddit page. The current rate of Dogecoin creation is over 5,000,000,000 coins a year. For more information on what BAT does, see What is BAT and the BAT website. Upon voting, holders will be entitled to certain rewards such as DGX discounts or rebates.

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Investors will be paid via interest once the invoice has filled. #11 NEO (NEO) A leading platform for smart contracts and sometimes referred to as Chinas Ethereum. What sets Saicoin apart is that it is a decentralized, encrypted, peer-to-peer cloud storage platform. Please refer to m for the latest information on the top 50 cryptocurrencies and their prices. To read more about Maker, see: What is Maker.

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Stellar Lumens is focusing on the developing world and, more specifically, the multi-billion dollar industry of migrant workers who send money back to their family in impoverished countries. The purpose of this project is to reinvent ZClassic. 46 Bitcoin Private (btcp) BTC Private is a privacy coin forked off ZClassic (which was itself a fork of ZCash ). With a focus on business use cases, the software was built from the ground up with adaptability in mind.

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For a slightly higher fee, Dash has the added function of instant send which allows transactions to be confirmed almost instantly. For more information on what DigiByte does, including a history of the platform, details on their team and things to look for moving forward see: What is DigiByte. Interested in investing in ZCash?