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The Settings can also be quickly launched from this widget. Only open attachments sent from people you trust. Use it to create limits and manage how much data you use each month.

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My Profile The page in My Verizon where you can update your personal sign in, billing, payment, alert and privacy information. See also HD Voice.

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MHz (Megahertz) A unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second (hertz). #TEC, a code you can call from your mobile phone to ensure your phone is working after completing an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) change or new activation. Facebook or, bookmark Us!

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The call is airtime free and you must be enrolled in Roadside Assistance to use this service. Accessories, equipment for your mobile device that you can purchase separately, including chargers, batteries, cases, headsets and memory cards. It includes walking and driving directions, turn-by-turn navigation, voice search and Scout. Google Play Carrier Billing (formerly Google Carrier Billing) A service that lets you purchase up to 50 in digital goods (e.g., virtual online gaming, music, e-books, etc.) from select merchants  using your Android device. You can call 411 on your mobile device to ask an operator for phone numbers, directions and other general information (e.g., movie times, the nearest coffee shop, etc.).

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Also, with the Android OS, you can customize your device in many ways. You typically participate by sending a text message to a special 4, 5 or 6-digit number, known as a Short Code. See also Total Mobile Protection. Quick Capture A feature on certain mobile devices that lets you access the Camera by quickly twisting your wrist twice.

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For example, widgets can provide weather updates, upcoming calendar events, and the ability to quickly turn Wi-Fi on and off. Other Charges and Credits The section of your bill that includes charges for products and services and credits owing.

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RIM now goes by the name BlackBerry. Motorola Assist An app (formerly known as Smart Actions) that automates features on your device based on your location, the time of day or other factors you set. #UPG, a code you can call from your phone to find out when your upgrade eligibility date. These 4G SIM cards are compatible only with Verizon Wireless-certified 4G LTE devices and are equipped with PIN (Personal Identification Number) and PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) codes to protect against unauthorized use.