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The cancer patient who takes selfies in chemotherapy, documenting the tufts of hair as they fall out, who wants the world to know that they were brave, that they faced death with a wink, that they did not want to be forgotten. Maybe they are all men, deeply affronted by a woman looking at herself with longing, a woman who is both the see-er and the seen, the courier of her own message. Esm I took this because I wanted to capture a time shortly after beginning a new treatment protocol for late-stage Lyme disease.

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Like writing my name on some wall as a kid: I WAS here. Like my circumstances will be really curious or beautiful and itll be like an itch I have to scratch.

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Then I went off testosterone almost two years ago and started growing my hair out. Shes figuring out which parts of her face she loves; shes doing confidence fact-finding. I have seen people of every color and shape and pronoun beloved in their own online lands, the heroes of their own stories. Narcissus, Ovid wrote in verse, became enchanted by his own reflection, forming a closed feedback loop with himself.

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These young women were worth looking at when it suited the men in charge, but as it became clear that their love for each other trumped the love of the game, the men with microphones started to crumble. I take selfies when I dont want to get out of bed yet. I hadnt had long hair since I was 16, and I was super excited about. The above was the result. She sometimes referred to her work as ghost pictures.

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Spoiler alert: it often has more to do with I just thought I looked hot. It was weirdly magic. I guess anytime Im looking into a camera Im facing my own mortality, then demanding there be a chance to last foreverbut, with a selfie, its only in the way I want to be remembered. Consider a recent viral news story, a seminal cultural text of selfie shame. Members of the media establishment who view a thick network of people who dont need them (because selfie communities are making the beauty-industrial complex set up by magazines and Hollywood look wobbly and exclusionary) to be a tremendous threat.