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Xaurum (xaur xGold Coin (XGC zenGold (ZGC a few of the above-mentioned gold-backed cryptocurrencies are currently in the initial coin offering (ICO) stage. And so far in 2018 it doesn't appear that this trend is ending anytime soon as the number of gold backed cryptos has risen to an astounding 31 different ones.

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The gold-backed cryptocurrency ICOs list includes the following: Darico (DRC) Flashmoni (OZT) Gold Bits Coin (GBeez) PureGold (PGT and PGG) Reales (RLS). GoldMint (mntp helloGold (HGT iC3 Cubes (IC3 oneGram Coin (OGC).

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BullionCoin (xaau currensee (CUR darico (DRC digixGlobal (DGX and DGD). GoldBase (ABG goldbloc, goldBlocks (GB goldCrypto (AUX goldMineCoin (GMC). Gold backed cryptocurrencies really took off in 2017 as cryptocurrencies as a whole grew from just over 600 at the start of the year, to finish out 2017 with nearly 1400 different ones. . DinarDirham (DNC flashmoni (OZT gold Bits Coin (GBeez gold Cryptocurrency (goldc).

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Orocrypt (oroc oZcoinGold (OzGLD pureGold (PGT and PGG reales (RLS Darico (DRC). List of Gold Backed Cryptocurrencies: Airgead, anthem (agld aurumCoin (AU aurusGold (AWG). 9:23 AM 2018, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, gold, gold backed cryptocurrencies, ico, tokenization 1 Comment, with the understanding that cryptocurrencies and the tokenization of things are pretty much here to stay, there appears to be a new gold rush taking place that is not occurring in locales.

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Royal Mint Gold (RMG sudan Gold Coin (SGC x8currency (X8C).

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Anthem, vault Submits Proposal To State Of Texas For. Is backed by 100 grams of physical gold stored in, anthem s Salt Lake City. In this first episode we talk.

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Anthem, blanchard of, anthem Gold and his new initiative agld Token. It will. ICO on top of Ethereum where the token is backed.