25 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin in Canada (2018 Updated)

Pros : QuickTrade feature available. We are excited to announce that the bank draft funding option is live!

Best Canadian Bitcoin Exchanges 2018

BitAccess, bitAccess is not only a Canadian ATM operator but also a Bitcoin broker funded by the Government of Canada, which gives you the opportunity to purchase bitcoins at 1000s of locations across the country (with Flexepin). Accepts fiat currencies Fast debit card funding. The only verification necessary is your cell phone number. Here are a few things to consider.

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There are a couple of catches, though. Using cryptocurrency does not exempt you from the Canadian tax obligations. Available in app or desktop format, a virtual currency wallet will create a digital address through which you can send or receive money. How you use bitcoin determines which taxes apply, though. Set lower prices to sell faster and easier, or higher prices to get more money.

Bitcoin for Canadians: Where to buy it and the taxes you ll pay

Cons: Low maximum leverage (200:1). Before making any decision or taking any action, you should consult a professional. Takes 5 business days for electronic funds transfer. Cons : Many of the private methods offered to buy bitcoins are not private.

Coinsquare - Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin in Canada

However, given that very few exchanges accept CAD deposits, you may need to do some homework to determine whether the CAD/USD or CAD/euro offered at the exchange is indeed your best deal (maybe an international exchange has a more beneficial offer). Compare, binance Cryptocurrency Exchange. You just need to consider how to get the best price and what kind of trade you want.

How do I buy Bitcoin in Canada?

You should use the average market rates as a guide only, and set your prices based on the rates used at whichever exchange youre trading. Cons: CAD is converted to USD when you send it the exchange rate may cost you some money.

CoinField - Buy/Sell Bitcoin Ethereum in Canada

The platform has received numerous complaints about it being a pyramid scheme rather than an investment opportunity. The platform seems to be a decentralised exchange where users trade digital currency with one another. It is also one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges in Canada, and offers spot trading in Bitcoin, Feathercoin, and Litecoin.