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As part of the sale you will receive the deed with this value but cannot claim it unless you release the name. Please do not invest more than you are willing to lose, and please be careful. MetaMask, connect via your, metaMask Extension.

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Your private key is sometimes called your mnemonic phrase, keystore file, UTC file, json file, wallet file. Want a different wallet?

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No data leaves your computer / your browser. Offer For Sale: h Set either of both of the prices below to offer your domain for sale.

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You are about to transfer a domain to DomainSale set the price for a domain set the reserve auction price for a domain set the price and reserve auction price for a domain buy a domain bid on a domain cancel a domain sale finish. Set the Address That your Name will Resolve To Go to the contracts tab.

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Type Secret Phrase cret From Account tChecksumAddressString Reveal Date getRevealTime.toString Auction Ends String Copy and save this: bidObject The ajaxReq. What's the Point of MEW then? If someone were to find your unencrypted private key, they could access your wallet without a password. Always navigate directly to a site before you enter information. It has no bearing on the *actual* amount you bid (above).

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Preparation Decide which account you wish to own the name ensure that you have multiple backups of that account. Owner Highest Bidder (Deed Owner edOwner Resolved Address: solvedAddress Enter the address you would like this name to resolve to: Set the Resolver for your Name Go to the contracts tab.