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A whole brisket is the flat and point still together. Add your choice of wood to the coals for smoke. . Before doing this, heat up cup of apple juice to boiling in the microwave. This keeps the meat moist during the cook and gives it incredible flavor! I like to simply set my turkey in a large foil pan that will still fit in my smoker while I inject.

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After 3 to 5 hours (or longer if using an oven to hold it) take the brisket out and unwrap. Serve with Eagle Rub BBQ Sauce. Do not forget to take out the giblet pack and neck from the inside of the turkey. This juice will be to smokey to use for basting the ham or anything else.

Eagle Brand Muscle Rub (Extra Strength ) 85 ml /.87

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The owner wrote: 'If you think he is a poor boy and aren't an eagle falconer or don't spend lots of time with your eagle. This helps make steam and keeps the ham moist.

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Place them inside an empty ice chest (no ice - you are using it to hold heat). If you are more than 5 hours away from when you need to chop and serve after you reach 190 or 200 degrees or you don't have a ice chest you can also use your oven (DO NOT usowel IF using oven). It will stick to the mustard.

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It is very slippery. We will also be having a raffle with some awesome prizes up for grabs! Composition: Menthol, methyl Salicylate, capsaicin. Take the pork butt out of the package and cover the entire piece of meat liberally with Eagle Rub.