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While it bodes well that many traditional investors may make the jump to digital currencies, a considerable number of them seem poised for a big short. It is a decentralized currency, where many users network their computers (as nodes) to validate and confirm transactions rather than sending all their data to a small number of high-capacity servers. Dollars early Tuesday morning, according to data from. In the long term, the technology behind Bitcoin will continue to grow in awareness and adoption, once people understand its advantages (no more Equifax-scale hacks, more incentives to save, no extra costs for international transactions, no censorship, etc.). First, a host of big financial players recently announced they will get in on the action.

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In Case Youre Lost Bitcoin Explained in Two Paragraphs. I suspect there will be a very big dip once old-school investors who hate Bitcoin gain the ability to short.

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In the short term, it is very hard to predict what might happen with Bitcoin, as this technology is still in its infancy and is changing finance and the Internet almost as much as the Internet changed communication. Additionally, the Cash app from Square (run by Twitter CEO and censorship enthusiast, jack Dorsey) implemented USD-to-BTC conversion just last week. The combination of more simple options to buy digital currency and zealous evangelism from early adopters likely helped push the price over 10,000. The price of one full Bitcoin (BTC the original decentralized digital currency, officially hit 10,000.S. Bitcoin Cash has employed a fix that, at its current adoption rate, makes sending money much faster and cheaper right now, but Bitcoin fans say that the changes could set the network up for disaster in the future.

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Whether BTC rebounds from its next big crash or whether its userbase migrates to a competing coin with better privacy/fungibility, I have no clue. It is not governed by any individual company, though a group of programmers that go by the name Bitcoin Core do act as gatekeepers of sorts, as they are the developers of the software used to run a node.

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The current price spike may indicate a buying frenzy to get in ahead of the short. Fifth, a new study claimed this week that close to four million bitcoins have been lost by their owners, which would decrease the existing supply (16.7 million) by almost a quarter and thus raise the scarcity/deflation of BTC. I suspect some of the recent bullish investment has been intended to keep that gap as wide as possible.