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The tutor approves the subject and the supervisor (ETH Zurich professor or Adjunct Faculty of RSC) of the Master's Thesis. The courses are selected from the special course catalogue Science in Perspective (SiP) of the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-gess) at ETH Zurich. The, study Guide (PDF,.4 MB) contains a list of potential activities and more information about the internship. Students must obtain 90 credit points to qualify for the Master's Degree.

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The first option is recommended. The internship may be completed before starting the Masters Program or during the study program. The Semester Project is supervised by an ETH Zurich professor and the choice of the subject and the supervision must be approved in advance by the tutor.

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In each category a given number of credit points must be attained. The supervisor proposes the subject of the project, supports the student in the preparation of the project plan, defines the road map together with the student, monitors the overall execution of the project, fixes the dates for completion of the project and presentation and sets. The Multidisciplinary Courses should be selected from the course catalogue of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, the Department of computer Science and the Department of Information Technology and electrical Engineering.

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The aim of the Industrial Internship is to apply engineering knowledge to practical situations. The Industrial Internship can be undertaken in a Swiss or a foreign company or in a research lab outside Swiss higher education and research institution, organized by the student her-/himself. The Director of Studies may approve an extension of the submission deadline, if cogent reasons are given.

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Students have to enrol for Masters Thesis on myStudies under the menu item Projects/papers/theses. These courses have to be included in the Learning Agreement and the tutor must agree to this choice. Only internships that have been completed after achieving all required credit points for the Bachelors Program, may be credited as Industrial Internship. Request to extend project / thesis submission deadline. Opening hours: During the semester: Mon: 13-16, tue: 9-13, wed: 9-12, thu: 13-16.