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Be sure to see the Shareholder Memorandum for details. If I own Lykke coins, am I considered to be a shareholder of Lykke Corp? Why is the KYC process required?

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Its as if people were paid in cash and decided to buy coins the same day. From the My Lykke tab, follow these steps: Select My Lykke in the bottom menu. The transaction costs on our marketplace are low, thanks to our efficient corporate structure and new technology. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Distributed ledger technology offers immediate settlement in a non-centralized framework at ultra-low costs.

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Could there be a problem with liquidity? This mechanism will replace the voting mechanism in a traditional shareholder bylaw agreement. If a holder of Lykke coins wants to convert these coins into CHF, EUR, USD, or BTC, Lykke will make the conversion and transfer the money to the designated address.

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What is the history of Lykke? We use Lykke coins to reduce our dependence on external funding.

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About Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoassets, the first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. How do I sell my coins? So in 2015, Olsen asked a few friends for seed money and started. Yes, but please keep in mind that security does not stop with.

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How does Lykke differ from other crypto ventures? The company sold 100,000 more shares, raising another 500,000 CHF.